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Annette Ducharme
Beggar's Bliss Records, 1993

Annette Ducharme: Sanctuary

Annette has a real compulsion to want semi-nude pictures of herself on her covers and/or inside. I don't know how, but I convinced her to go with a more design oriented image.

Huevos Rancheros
C/Z Records (Seattle), 1993

Huevos Rancheros: Endsville (Front Cover)

Huevos Rancheros: Endsville (Inside Cover)

Huevos Rancheros: Endsville (Traycard)

The guys tracked me down via my work with The Barracudas and thus I ended up not only designing the cd but photographing the band as well. The other great thing out of this job was getting to know cover illustrator Tom Bagley and the ensuing friendship in which not only has Tom provided covers for all MY cds, but he's come up on stage every time the RALPH group has appeared in Calgary.

Kinnie Starr
Violet Inch Records, 1997

Kinnie Starr: Tidy (Front Cover)

Kinnie Starr: Tidy (Inside Cover 1)
Inside 1

Kinnie Starr: Tidy (Inside Cover 2)
Inside 2

Kinnie called out of the blue and asked me to assemble her debut cd. I got a big pile of drawings and photographs and stuff and meticulously put it together with Kinnie. The cover illustration was a b/w illustration I colored in Quark using the polygon cool much like hand cutting different plates ala silkscreening and get that slightly off-registration look. The whole package is very hand-assembled and personal.

Generation 6-Pack
Reprise/Warner Canada

Pure: Generation SixPack (Original)

Pure: Generation SixPack (Final)

This one certainly went through a lot of changes. The original design I thought was really cool and indulged my Mondrian thing at the time. The Canadian label did not like the photo of a young girl smoking on the cover so we had to revamp it. The new cover of kids drinking beer caused no concern. The logo was hand-drawn by Tom Bagley.

Revelation Records, 1997

Sparkmarker: 500wattburner@seven (Front)

Sparkmarker: 500wattburner@seven (Traycard)

Lead singer Kim Kinakin came up with the bar code going wild idea.

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