BongoBeat Various Artists: Driving In The Rain: 3AM - Songs To Get Lost With

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Various Artists: Driving In The Rain: 3AM - Songs To Get Lost With

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Canada: Apr. 16th, 2002
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1 The Orchid: Highway Opiate*
2 Kimberley Rew: Restless Ocean*
3 Lauren Agnelli & Dave Rave: Every Dog Has Its Day In The Rain
4 Lauren Agnelli: Crying Lullabye
5 BB Gabor: Celtic Cross (instrumental)*
6 Kevin Kane: Confidential
7 Ralph: Early Morning Cold Taxi
8 Paul Hyde: When Love Dies
9 Dave Rave & Mark Mccarron: Technicolor Shadows
10 Kevin Quain: Devil Song
11 Katrina & The Waves: That's Just The Woman In Me (from 1983)*
12 Tom Wilson: Sleep**
13 Jeffrey Morgan With Dean Motter: A Darkened Stretch (instrumental)*
14 Ralph: Last Year's Valentine
15 Dave Rave Group: All Over The World
16 Ralph: Goodbye Jack, Kerouac.
17 Jackson Phibes: A Dead One Hangs In The Web (instrumental)*

  • 16 pages of liner notes by Ralph Alfonso
  • cover painting by Tom Bagley
These are the twilight hours.
The city asleep.
There's no destination really. There never is.
You glance over.... she's fallen asleep,
head propped against the window,
Only here, in the heart of the city at night,
is there any solace.
What is there for us at the end,
and do we want it to end?
The only thing that's important
is that the journey begins...

Ralph Alfonso


BB Gabor's Celtic Cross

This poignant instrumental by the late eccentric who gave us "Nyet Nyet Soviet" and "Metropolitan Life" may or may not be from a lost session produced by Todd Rundgren. Either way, it recalls Angelo Badalamenti's understated score to "The Straight Story". Part of a new compilation created by Ralph Alfonso.

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