BongoBeat Lola Dutronic: The World Of Lola Dutronic

This CD is deleted and no longer available.

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Lola Dutronic: The World Of Lola Dutronic Available in stores: Sept. 7th, 2004

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UPC: 7-6700-01970-2-3
Catalog number: BB 1970-2


Canada: This CD is distributed by Outside Music, Toronto.
USA: This CD is distributed by Burnside Distribution, Portland, Oregon.
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Note: This CD can also be ordered for export via Isotope Music, Canada.

1 Girl On A Motorcycle
2 Walking On Sunshine
3 La Fin De L'été
4 Camille 2000
5 To Sir With Love
6 Mystere
7 Airport
8 Porpoise Song
9 Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp
10 Les Cheveux De Mon Amour
11 La Plage
12 An Xmas Without Snow
13 Soleil Soleil
14 La Maritza

  • What would happen if Serge Gainsbourg, Saint Etienne, St. Germain, Air, Ivy, April March and Francoise Hardy were actually able to collaborate on a record together? The answer is Lola Dutronic, a pure pop homage to the golden age of 60s /70s Europop channeled through today's sensibilities and electronic sunshine flavours
  • Lola Dutronic is the ultimate culmination of every 60s Euro girl singer and/or icon that we've ever admired; Diana Rigg, Barbarella, Lady Penelope (Thunderbirds), Monica Vitti, Jane Birkin, Dusty Springfield, you get the idea....
  • Electronic pop covers of The Monkees, Lulu, Sylvie Vartan, Francoise Hardy and even a Serge Gainsbourg/Air style revamp of the classic "Walking On Sunshine" (a must hear!)
  • For DJs, pop fans, chillout fans, and anyone searching out fresh beats for the club floor... the world of Lola Dutronic is here and waiting for you! We are servicing radio & DJs.
  • This is a bilingual album.

She's sexy. She's French. She's electronic.

Lola Dutronic. Euro chill electronic meets 60s Gainsbourg pop with English and French vocals.

An innovative new sound created by Remixer/Producer Richard Citroen and vocalist Frankie (Francoise) Hart.

The project came about when Ralph Alfonso of Bongo Beat Records commissioned Richard to create a "Walking On Sunshine" remix for his Katrina & The Waves compilation. As work progressed, it made more sense to bring in a vocalist and create a new track from scratch.... the results were so impressive, that an entire album's worth of material was quickly asked for, and here it is. It is a well crafted loving homage to classic pop sounds and the astute 60s pop culture enthusiast will note the many references to treasured touchstones of the era.

In addition to orginal material, there are exceptional treatments of "The Porpoise Song" by The Monkees, "Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp" (Francoise Hardy), "To Sir With Love" (Lulu), "La Fin de L'été" (Brigitte Bardot) and "La Maritza" (Sylvie Vartan). CD has bilingual sticker!!

Toronto based Richard Citroen has collaborated with Paul Hyde (the recent Canadian hit "I Want You/Remix"), Holly Cole, DJ Chris Sheppard, DJ Dante, DJ Terry Kelly (Top Kat), Pobi, and The Blow Up, amongst others. In his rock and roll past, he's performed/recorded with The Diodes, Eric Debris (Metal Urbain), Forgotten Rebels, and Simply Saucer.

Vocalist Frankie Hart is a respected session singer and this project brought her back in touch with her French heritage and inspired her to contribute French lyrics as well.

Cover painting is by Bongo Beat style setter Tom Bagley.

We will be servicing this CD to clubs, electronic music media, pop music outlets, in addition to allocating funds for listening posts, print ads, play copies, and more.

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